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Your Socialmediadose (Late May, 2024)

Check out the new Social Media updates from the past month.

Your #socialmediadose is here.

Meta is adding new subscription packages for brands – Meta is adding new subscription packages for brands. Currently, you can buy a verification tick for Instagram and Facebook. New packages will be available along with new elements, such as enhanced profiles, search optimization, or links in Reels. The new subscription packages will be:

Business Standard – $14.99/month
Business Plus – $44.99/month
Business Premium – $119.99/month
Business Max – $349.99/month

We will figure out in the future if this will impact organic growth. Do you think that these subscriptions will help your reach?

X is not showing post likes anymore – X is currently testing the option to hide likes from posts. This news appeared after a few people saw that the public likes were not visible, and then X came back with the confirmation that this would be the new approach. The idea was implemented since some users might not press the like button on some posts to protect their public image. 

As mentioned in an article from Social Media Today, X is aiming for a double impact here, by not only giving users more freedom to like whatever they want, without fear of someone looking up their Likes later on, but also, with that expanded freedom, X is hoping that users will then Like more stuff, thereby giving it more signals to refine its algorithms.

What do you think about the purpose of this change?

TikTok facilitates expanded viewing on desktops – Good news for TikTok fans! Now it will be much easier to watch TikTok videos on your desktop. 

If you love using your PC and still want to see some TikTok videos, now the app facilitates expanded viewing on a desktop, by adding a floating player option.

 The new Floating Player option is in the bottom right of the playback window on desktop, and when tapped, you can then drag the player to wherever you want on screen.

Which version do you prefer the most?

WhatsApp is testing new AI-generated profile images – As you might already know, AI is now a powerful feature introduced by many apps lately. Now, we will have a new option on WhatsApp. According to an article from Social Media Today, you will have the option to create your AI profile picture. This option is in testing for Instagram and Facebook as well.

Will you use an AI profile picture?

Instagram tests recent stories highlights on user profiles – Your latest Instagram stories might now appear for more than 24 hours. But that will be only in your profile. Instagram is testing a new option to have a new highlight in your profile with your latest Instagram stories. Most users prefer to post and to see the stories rather than the feed pictures, Instagram is finding a way to make improvements. The option is not yet available, but you might see a new highlight called “Lately”. 

LinkedIn is introducing the option to reply to specific DMs on mobile – Good news for LinkedIn users. The app is improving the conversations via DMs on mobile. As per an article from Medium, this seems to be a minor update, however, it will have a good impact on people who want to engage with their potential clients. With the new feature, one can hold and swipe right on a particular message to reply to it specifically, keeping the conversation organized and straightforward. If you’ve used WhatsApp or Instagram, you’ll find it familiar as the functionality is quite similar. This simplification of the conversation flow can play a significant role in business conversations where precision and promptness are requirements.

TikTok tests the option to upload a 60-minute video – Well, this will be a huge change!

First, as a reminder for you, last year TikTok experimented with 15- and 30-minute videos. The app started with short videos of less than one minute. But now TikTok is testing a new option to add videos up to 60 minutes. We’ll soon see how this works and what type of videos will be uploaded.

Will you watch a 60-minute video on TikTok?

Instagram tests notes on feed posts and reels – Back in 2022, Notes were added as a new feature to create more engagement and interaction. As this option had a big success among teen users, Instagram is testing notes on feed posts and reels. As per an article from Swipe insight, Notes are a simple way to leave an engagement trigger for other users within the app, designed to generate more engagement and conversation.


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