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Your Social Media Dose (February 2024)

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YouTube Reached out to 100M Premium and Music Subscribers – Who doesn’t love YouTube Premium? YouTube Premium launched in 2015, and it offers ad-free viewing, and now incorporates YouTube Music, which enables you to listen to YouTube ad-free as well. A huge success of YouTube Premium, given the fact that 100M out of 2 billion total active users subscribed to this feature. 

Threads Is Testing the Option To Save Posts – New improvement plans for Threads are coming soon. As of now Threads Is testing the option to save posts as you do it for Instagram. How cool is this, right? It’s already known that the Instagram users are already using the save button on Instagram. Threads’ new “Save” option will be available in the three dots menu on any post in the app. Saved posts will then be available in your profile menu options, the same as they are on Instagram.

Instagram Adds a New Filter for DMs called ‘People You Follow’ – We’ve already seen the fact that Instagram improved a lot lately. And now the app is coming with another feature. You will have the option to filter on “People you follow” in your DMs. This feature was already available for the feed and lately for reels tab. As explained by Adam Mosseri: “We’re adding a filter for people you follow because maybe you DM a lot of people you don’t follow yet, negotiating deals, figuring out collaborations. But sometimes you just want to focus the experience on people you know, in order to make the experience a bit safer and more positive.”

Instagram will no longer recommend political content – As per Adam Mosseri, Instagram and Threads will no longer recommend political content. Political content won’t be recommended if you’re not following the accounts. The updated policy to discontinue recommending political content applies to areas of Instagram including Explore, Reels, In-Feed Recommendations and Suggested Users.

LinkedIn Adds New Prompts To Boost Networking – LinkedIn added a new feature within “My Network” tab. Now LinkedIn users have the possibility to select two options: “Grow” and “Catch up”. As per an article from Social Media Today, The Catch-Up listing will include things like when your connections start a new role, when they’re celebrating a work anniversary, or when it’s their birthday. Which LinkedIn already provides via your “Notifications” stream, but now, they’ll have their own, specific feed, while LinkedIn will also highlight more opportunities to reach out within this listing. We’ll see how this feature will work soon.

Twitter Spaces is called the successor to Clubhouse app – Clubhouse had a big impact as it was a social media platform focusing on the voice. The Twitter Spaces feature was first launched in November 2020 as a way for Twitter to rival the growing popularity of Clubhouse at the time. When it was first released, this tool was limited to Twitter users with more than 600 followers, but less than one year later, Twitter has unlocked it for all its users. You need to know in the first place that Spaces are public so everyone, even your non-followers, can join as listeners.

Threads Rises to 130M Users – Big news for Threads. The app now has 130M active users. Threads was launched back in July 2023, and on 14th December, it started to be available also in Europe. In less than one year, the app became very popular, and it’s used at this point by 130M users.


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