Who we are

Serious Evo represents a bond between professionals in all marketing domains. From experts in communication, graphic arts, audiovisual and digital to new communication media specialists and storytellers.

Our mission

shaping your multiverse

Inspired by the theories of quantum physics of the multiverse, which evokes the existence of several parallel universes, our philosophy assumes that each brand has several universes that it delimits itself. It could be departments, offers, products, but also graphic charter, style of communication or internal values. Our role is to shape your multiverse and create a symbiosis so that it become obvious to everyone that they belong to the same brand. We will shape your image so it will become coherent and unique to your company

Our Team

Lavinia ENACHE


Co-founder SE, ANC accredited trainer, Digital Communication Specialist, Content Creator and Digital Artist

Nizar Djalal ADNANI


Co-founder SE, Digital Media and Serious Games, NLP accredited by the SNLP, Business and Marketing

Maria Alina SITESCU


Social Media Specialist, Creative Content Writer and Storyteller

Adriana BARBU


Partner & Collaborator SE. Founder Velvetique Communication Boutique, Dynamic and Creative PR Specialist



Partner & Collaborator SE in Normandy; Founder Consulting TIME ; Digital Transformation and Innovation Specialist



Partner & Collaborator SE in Marseille; Founder Articlaw; Lawyer; Cultural and Creative Industries Specialist

Our Values

the shape of our multiverse

At Serious Evo, we also have our own multiverse based on dominant universes: we are serious, punctual, creative and talented, but also, funny, simple, and delusional.

We like to: