Workshops & team buildings
for companies

Workshops and team buildings
for companies

Innovative tools for digital transformation and more efficient internal communication

Marketing and Digital marketing

Understand the concepts and tools that follow a product from its idea stage to its post-consumption point, and, at the same time, how to adapt your marketing strategy into a digital version

Internal / External Digital Communication

Assimilate the concepts and techniques related to internal and external communication, media communication, verbal communication, non-verbal communication, para-verbal communication and conflictual communication

New technologies and their integration in your company

Improve the management of your company by integrating new technologies matching every sector of activity and succeed in your digital transformation.

Personal Branding

Understand branding and personal branding and learn how to promote yourself on social media

Storytelling and storyboard

Create beautiful stories by using powerful storytelling techniques in order to share your ideas with your audience. Also, learn how to create efficient storyboards for business presentation, video, or animation

Public speaking techniques

Learn how to efficiently speak in public and how to manage your audience. Learn how to animate and moderate debates and working sessions. Whether in a serious context or an amusing one, master the secrets of the coolest way to perform public speaking

Latest innovations and display media for digital content

AR, VR, Holographic illusion, 3D video mapping

Educational innovation methods and Serious Games

Learn the mechanics of transforming educational content into gamified educational funny content.

Information and communication technology and their integration in your company

Information and communication technology and their integration in your company

Media Coaching

Speak in front of the camera and feel comfortable while participating in a press conference
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Business tours

CES - Las Vegas, World Mobile Congress - Barcelona, GITEX - Dubai, Viva Technology - Paris, Bucharest Tech Week

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Open Workshops

Digital marketing, Public speaking, Personal branding, Creative writing

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Social media & Content creation

Digital analysis, Strategy and Deployment, Creative writing, Storytelling, Media coverage, Gamification

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Communication consulting

IInternal / External Digital innovative communication

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Event conception and management

Events organization, support before and during the event, guidance through the event, media coverage for you and your business during the event, special talks and training sessions

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