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Your Social Media Dose (January 2024)

Check out the new Social Media updates from the past two weeks.

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Meta Adds New Protection for Teens – Meta brings new improvements for protecting its users. Now, the teen users won’t be able to view content related to suicides, eating disorders or self-injury because they are not age appropriate. This improvement is available for Instagram and Facebook. As Adam Mosseri mentioned: “This week we announced more ways we’re keeping teens safe and away from content that might be sensitive. We’re starting to hide more types of content that experts told us may not be appropriate for young people, including topics related to suicide, self- injury, and drugs.”

YouTube Adds Tools for Transforming Long Form Clips into Shorts – YouTube Shorts were launched in almost all the countries back in 2021. As per Social Media Today, over 1.5 billion YouTube users are now engaging with Shorts content every month. YouTube shorts have a real success, and now YouTube adds new tools to change the long form content into Shorts. This is a big improvement. Now, you can repurpose your long-form content into Shorts versions without recording another video.

TikTok Upgrades App Experience for Larger Devices – TikTok values user experience. Now, the app is much better optimized for other devices. As per TikTok, this new update offers a complete upgrade, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing TikTok experience for users worldwide, regardless of the device they choose.

The improvements are:

Which one do you like the most?

WhatsApp Adds the Option to Create Stickers Directly from the App – If you use WhatsApp on iOS, you’ve probably seen the new feature added. Now, you can create stickers directly from the app. What you need to do:

Click on the plus button near your stickers and add a picture. You can also edit it by adding text or other elements. 

X Will No Longer Support NFT Profile Pictures – X announced that NFT Profile Pictures will no longer be supported. As per an article on Social Media Today: Originally launched in 2022, as a feature of its paid “Twitter Blue” offering, NFT profile pictures enabled digital art enthusiasts to showcase their radically overpriced JPEGs, and linked back to information about the art via users’ crypto wallets.

Instagram Tests Option To Create Stories for Friends – You’re probably thinking now that Instagram already has a feature to share the Stories with close friends. However, there’s something else behind. With this option, you have the possibility to create a story for one friend, and if he approves it, the story will appear on his side.  The Story will get sent to your connection as a message, which will then enable them to check it out. If they choose to share it, it’ll be added to their Stories feed, with your handle listed on the Story, showing that you actually created it.

TikTok Publishes Valentine’s Day Marketing Guide – Love is in the air also on TikTok. Now you can download the guide “Valentine’s Day for you”. TikTok also shared information of this event, such as its popularity on the platform, the most used hashtags, and an overview of products that TikTok users are most interested in. The guide is already available for download.


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