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Your Social Media Dose (December 2023)

Check out the new Social Media updates from the past two weeks.

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WhatsApp Adds Pinned Chat Function – New feature alert! WhatsApp is now adding Pinned Chat. The change will bring more efficiency and clarity as now you can pin the most important conversations and prioritize them. As per one post from WhatsApp, now everyone can stay on top of a chat by keeping the important messages up top.

Now, it’s much easier to keep things handy.  As per an article from Social Media Today, you can pin a chat for 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days, while you can also pin polls, images, emojis, etc. How can you do this? It’s simple! You only need to long-press on a conversation, and then select “Pin”.

Tiktok Shares Predictions About 2024 Trends – After a huge success achieved in 2023, TikTok is now sharing What’s Next Report 2024. The mainly focus will be on three Trend signals:

All these three trend signals have an impact on helping people discover new trends on TikTok, for the brands building trust with their audience and for storytelling becoming more powerful.

WhatsApp Launches ‘View Once’ for Audio Messages – There’s not a secret that WhatsApp had this “View once” feature for the pictures sent via the app. Now WhatsApp has launched another functionality, which is “View Once” for Audio Messages. Now people can share an audio message that will disappear after being played one time. “As with all your personal messages, WhatsApp protects your voice messages with end-to-end encryption by default and View Once is just another example of our continued privacy innovation.”

Instagram Is Adding New Anti-Spam Measures – Instagram is now taking care of Spam Activities by adding new anti-spam measures. Now you have more elements and a structured way for keeping your profile safe.

As per Social Media Today, these are some good updates, which will streamline the spam management process, and help you refine and filter your audience, which can have flow-on benefits for analytics, engagement, etc.

X Previews New Bookmark Search Option – X will add a new functionality for Bookmark search option that enables you to review your marked topics quickly. As per the article from Social Media Today, X has been working to put more focus on Bookmarks as a means to help boost engagement, first, by adding bookmark counts to the post details view, which provides more context as to how people are interacting with your posts, while also counting Bookmarks as “quiet likes”, which then gives your post an extra algorithmic boost.  In 2018 X added the bookmark function, and now we expect to see bookmark search released very soon.

Instagram Adds New Options to Simplify Live-Streaming via Third Party Tools – Soon, it will be much easier to go live using the third-party tools via desktop. As Adam Mosseri mentioned, “Now, if you’re a professional account, you can go live on Instagram using streaming software like OBS or Stream labs through a stream key. We hope this helps broadcasters take their content to the next level and connect with their audiences.” This feature will help all the creators a lot.

Threads Is Now Live in Europe – Good news for Europe! 

Threads is now available for users based in Europe, and they can download the app five months after its official release.

As per one article from Buffer, in its simplest iteration, Threads lets you share text-based content of up to 500 words — with the option to create threads (yes, I know) and include links, photos, and videos. You see all this in one general Feed (although Meta is rolling out a “For You” and “Following” feed).  

You can access Threads directly from your Instagram profile by clicking on the logo.

Threads was a huge success when it was released, and now it’s also available for Europe


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