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Your Social Media Dose (November 2023)

Check out the new Social Media updates from the past two weeks.

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Meta Introduced Inbox Notes to Messenger – after the success achieved on Instagram in terms of the latest feature called Notes, meta introduced the same for Messenger. This feature had a great success among teenagers. You can now add Notes for Messenger via iPhone, iPad, or Android device by clicking the thought bubble next to your profile picture. There’s still a difference between Notes for Messenger and Notes for Instagram, as you cannot add videos for the moment. However, you can still write your thoughts using at maximum 60 characters.

Create Effects on the go with TikTok’s mobile effect editor – New feature now available for TikTok!

You will be able now to create effects directly from TikTok. As mentioned by TikTok: “With TikTok’s new mobile effect editor, you’ll enjoy a simple, intuitive interface packed with advanced features that put effect creation at your fingertips. You’ll find an array of special effects you can add to your creations with just a tap. And, just like with Effect House, you can work with all kinds of templates that allow for easier effect creation and more than two thousand assets you can use as part of your creations”.

To access this feature, make sure that you update the app to the latest version. The steps that you need to follow are simple: You need to open the Effects tray, then go to Create Tab and add an object to start creating after clicking on the + button.

X Introduced New Job Search Element, A Way To Highlight Roles Posted by Companies – X shares a new feature available, the ‘Job Search’ Element. This feature allows you to search for jobs shared by the organizations in the app. There are two fields listed below the ‘Job Search’ section: Keyword and Location. As per Social Media Today, X reported back in September that “hundreds” of companies had listed open roles in the app.

Instagram Is Removing Guides Posting Option Starting Next Month – Have you seen this notification? Instagram is removing ‘Guides’ feature. ‘Guides’ were introduced back in 2020. As of now a notification have been displayed stating that on Dec 15 your guides will be converted to collections. People will no longer be able to see your guides, and you won’t be able to create any new guides. However, an option allows you to download your guides until Mar 14th. As per Social Media Today, ‘Guides’ provided an alternative display format, enabling creators and brands to share explainers and image collections, accompanied by short text descriptions.

LinkedIn Deletes Past Carousel Posts  Next Month – Back in June, LinkedIn announced that the carousel posts will be removed. Now we get another announcement, stating that “Starting on December 14th, 2023, we’ll be removing all carousels and profile videos from LinkedIn.”, according to a post shared by Matt Navarra on Threads. As per Social Media Today, carousel posts is likely the biggest removal, with carousels generating good levels of engagement for many users.

Instagram Introduced the Option To Share Reels and Feed Posts to ‘Close Friends’ Only – Instagram made a lot of improvements in the past months by adding and testing new features. And now you have the option to share your Reels or Feed Posts only to ‘Close Friends’. The feature was already added for stories back in 2018. What do you think about this?


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