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Your Social Media Dose (March, 2024)

Check out the new Social Media updates from the past two weeks.

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Instagram is testing the option to add files to DMs – Did you ever want to send a file to someone on Instagram? You may soon be able to do this. 

Today, you can send photos, stickers, GIFs, and even voice messages in Instagram DMs. But now Instagram is testing the option to add files to DMs. This feature is already available for WhatsApp, and we expect to see this also on Instagram soon. However, as per an article from Social Media Today, it wouldn’t be a drastic change, particularly given that most people access IG on their mobile device, where they’re going to have fewer files to send either way. But it’s another element that could help.

Do you think this feature will be an improvement for Instagram’s users?

X will Soon remove the Like, Re-Post and Reply buttons In-Stream – If now you are able to see the Like, Re-Post and Reply buttons on the bottom of the post in feed, well, soon things will change. Elon Musk said that these buttons will be removed, and we will have other options to engage with the posts. “Just time & viewcount in the upper right, nothing on the bottom. Swipe right to reply, left to favorite, tap & hold for all other actions. Very clean.” Therefore, we will have other action controls in order to react to posts, according to Elon Musk. As per an article from Social Media Today, Musk says that all of the regular post metrics will still be viewable if a user taps into an individual post. But in-feed, you’ll only see the right example.

Drafts and In-Stream Camera Will be Available to All users on Threads – Threads already tested the two options in the last weeks, and now, these features will be available to all users. Soon, you will have the possibility to save a post that is not finished yet, in Draft. Then, your draft post will be available via the bottom compose button. However, for the moment, you can save only one Draft on Threads. The camera button, meanwhile, enables you to take a photo in-stream, though not video as yet. Users can currently only take one photo per post.

Are you already a Threads user?

LinkedIn makes changes on “Who Viewed Your Profile” display – I’m pretty sure you already know about LinkedIn feature “Who viewed your profile”. LinkedIn tries to improve now this section by selecting some new filters. You will now have the option to select “Can help you get a job”, “Works at the company you follow”, “Influencer on LinkedIn”, “Senior leader in your industry”, “Senior Leader with your job function”.

Do you think that these filters will help you?

TikTok is resisting a proposed sell-off bill, prior to the House vote scheduled for this week. – TikTok is now unsafe again, giving the fact that, last week, a bipartisan bill was put forward which, in essence, seeks to force TikTok into U.S. ownership, or face a ban in the region, due to national security concerns. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill to ban TikTok across the United States unless the video platform is sold by its Chinese owner. The House vote was 352 to 65, with 50 Democrats and 15 Republicans voting in opposition. TikTok has called the legislation an attack on the constitutional right to freedom of expression for its users. China’s foreign ministry called the bill an “act of bullying.”

Do you think that this will be the end of TikTok app?

YouTube is revamping its TV app to make videos feel way more interactive – YouTube is implementing new features on its TV app in order to make videos more interactive for the users. They are now searching on new options to have the comments and description section handy, without interrupting the viewing. As per an article from The Verge, the new view shrinks the video down slightly to make space for the description, comments, and other elements around it. It’s not YouTube’s new default look, since many people will still prefer a full-screen layout. But you can easily click into the more interactive interface from the standard video player screen.

Instagram Launches New DM Updates, Including Message Editing and Pinned Chats – Instagram improves its DM by adding new features. You will soon be able to edit your messages for up to 15 minutes after sending, or to pin up to three chats.

Which feature is more interesting from your perspective?


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