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Your Social Media Dose (April, 2024)

Check out the new Social Media updates from the past month.

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The TikTok ban proposal in the US is still ongoing – The ban proposal is advancing, as the House of Representatives already voted for it. If you don’t remember what happened, let us tell you. Early last month, U.S. senators proposed a new bill aimed at addressing security concerns posed by foreign ownership of social media apps, which specifically takes aim at TikTok, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, says an article from Social Media Today. ByteDance has, in this case, the option to sell TikTok or, if not, the app could be banned in the US. This proposal makes progress, but what we also know is the fact that the company doesn’t agree to sell the app.

What do you think will happen in this story?

TikTok notes could be a new Instagram rival – A new TikTok app is available in Canada and Australia. It’s about TikTok Notes, an app created exclusively for photos. As you all know, TikTok is known as a video-sharing app, and it integrated lately the option to add pictures. The layout is similar to Pinterest, and the users’ profiles will look like the ones from TikTok. There’s a ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feed.

Do you think that TikTok notes could be a new Instagram rival?

WhatsApp adds chat filters for a better search – New WhatsApp filters will help you better search your conversation. WhatsApp is adding new filters that ensure proper visibility on all your conversations, but also on your unread messages and your groups. I think you already guessed what this is about. WhatsApp will have three filters: all, unread, and groups. Do you think that this feature will help you? 

X Tries to combat bot sign-ups by expanding the annual fee – Elon Musk takes a new action against bots’ sign-ups. He mentioned that “Unfortunately, a small fee for new user write access is the only way to curb the relentless onslaught of bots.” As per an article from Social Media Today, users will be able to create an account and browse the app for free, but if you want to actually interact, you’ll seemingly need to pay. Musk further noted that, after three months, new accounts will be able to interact for free.

Threads tests recent search filter – New improvements are done lately on Threads. You have two options to filter the searched content. You can view the top searched posts and your recent searches. This feature will enable you to see what you’ve recently searched for if you want to check once again on the same content.  

Meta gives the Influencers the ability to interact with their followers via Chatbot – Being an influencer requires hard work. That’s why Meta is trying to find a way for influencers to interact with their followers while decreasing the amount of work by using a chatbot. As per an article from New York Times, the program, which is in its early stages of testing and known as “Creator A.I.,” would allow influencers to chat with fans through direct messages on the social network and potentially through Instagram comments in the future, according to five people briefed on the company’s plans. The program will essentially be a chatbot that mimics the “voice” of the Instagram influencer to respond to fans, the people said. How does it sound to you? 

Meta tests DMs on Threads via Instagram inbox – I’m pretty sure you will like this new feature. Meta is testing the ability to send DMs on Threads. You won’t have a dedicated inbox, but all your messages from Threads will arrive in your Instagram inbox. So soon, if someone wants to share something with you, the new Threads DM option will enable this option.


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